i-ARRCについて / About us

国際高等教育院附属国際学術言語教育センター(International Academic Research and Resource Center for Language Education (i-ARRC))は、グローバル社会に対応する革新的な言語教育の実施を目的として組織され、教養・共通教育における外国語科目の運営を行うとともに、学生の自主的な言語学習を支援しています。


英語教育部門は、一般学術目的の英語 (EGAP) に関する科目のうち、ライティング-リスニング (WL) とE3科目の円滑な運営および中長期的な改善の任務を遂行しています。特にWLにおいては、リスニング教材の導入ならびに少人数制クラスを実現し、学生の自律的な言語学習を促しています。現在は、独自のライティング教科書開発やE3科目の改革にも着手し、EGAP科目を通じての学術的言語技能の発展に貢献しています。



The International Academic Research and Resource Center for Language Education (i-ARRC) at ILAS was established to deliver innovative language education in a global society. In addition to administering foreign language courses as part of the university's liberal arts and general education, it supports students' autonomous language learning.

The Center comprises three divisions: the Division of English Language Education, the Division of Education for Languages Other Than English or Japanese, and the Division of Intercultural Education.

The Division of English Language Education ensures the effective administration and medium-to-long-term improvement of courses in English for General Academic Purposes (EGAP): Writing and Listening (WL) and E3 (courses for improving English language skills). In WL, the Division provides listening-learning materials and conducts small-group classes, encouraging students to engage in autonomous language study. The Division has been developing original writing textbooks and is planning to update E3 courses. It thus contributes to the development of academic language skills through EGAP courses.

The Division of Education for Languages Other Than English or Japanese focuses on upgrading teaching environments for better learning outcomes in those languages as part of liberal arts and general education courses. The Division supports its language instructors by providing an online tool for sharing lesson tips, as well as other faculty development services. It thus promotes classes that incorporate students' feedback into teaching.

The Division of Intercultural Education aims to improve the practical language skills of students through short-term inbound and outbound study abroad programs. The division provides opportunities for students with diverse cultural and social backgrounds to learn together, promoting university-wide liberal arts and general education that fosters international awareness, pro-activeness, and autonomy.